Paul Duerr and Thad Spaulding founded Avalanche Fabrication Inc in 1998 after talking about owning their own business since they became friends in high school. In the past 15 years they have grown the company into what it is today. Through hard work, long hours, and much personal sacrifice, they have built solid relationships with both customers and vendors alike.

Paul was born in Texas and moved to Rochester, New York when he was young. Prior to, and after graduating from high school, he began working in the tool and die industry. He learned early the value of job tracking and workflow organization and at the early age of 19 he became a supervisor. He learned skills in the sheet metal trade as a floater, which meant he was required to do all of the jobs in the shop as needed. This required him to work very well independently and be able to figure out how to solve problems on his own whether it was how to fix a machine that was down or how to make parts that were difficult. After acquiring a position as an engineer, he expanded his expertise with experience in program management, engineering and design, quoting, and ISO certification. Through this he became proficient with customer service and supplier management. In the past fifteen years of running Avalanche he has honed these skills and gained many more and looks forward to continually improving his skills as new technologies arise and we move into new services.

Thad was born in Batavia, NY and was raised around Rochester. He gained first hand knowledge throughout his childhood of running a business, as his father owned a large construction company. Thad started working for his father’s company after high school as a laborer and in the following years worked his way up through multiple positions until he was a Project Supervisor overseeing projects around the country. He climbed the ladder due to his knowledge, work ethic, and skills, which gained him the respect of both his co-workers and his father. After many years on the road he wanted to be home with his family more and to undertake a new challenge. Paul & Thad got together and spent many long nights preparing the business plan to launch Avalanche Fabrication Inc.

At the point of forming Avalanche they had combined experiences in business and fabricating of over 50 years. While their skills and backgrounds were different it was because of this that they have been very successful. With Thad’s business and management background and Paul’s experience and skills in fabricating combining, it allowed them to direct their energies at what they were strong at and work well together. While they make all major decisions together they rely on each other’s strengths to guide them.

In order to augment their skills, they have built a highly skilled office team, engineering team, and a shop crew made up of dedicated professionals. They enlist the help of an accountant, a lawyer, and various other professionals as the need arises.